Hotter 'N Pecos and Other West Texas Lies

(Excerpted from Texas Tech University Press)

"These collected tales—some taller than others—offer revealing glimpses into how and why West Texans are different. Rugged enough to make the harshest of environments their own, this species thrives in hundred-degree-plus heat and near-zero humidity. Folks like the crop duster who nearly sets his plane down in the bed of a pickup, the “boll weevil” whose naivete is tested in the oil patch, and Frank the “Goofy Roofer,” who enters a bullfight with nothing more than a denim jacket and a bottle of beer, are far from rare.

All these yarns contain a grain of truth, and some of them actually happened just as related. Most of them have a humorous bent; some are reasonably serious; a few are totally outrageous. But all of them illustrate the character of this distinctive region of the Lone Star..."

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